New package of books arrived today!

My work is largely autobiographical and concentrates strongly on symbolism tailored from my own experience. I love the way that once you know workings of a particular artists mind their world is unlocked and you can see far more than what is depicted on the canvas.

Along with my own cache of symbols I want to introduce floriography or the accepted language of flowers which was popular but not exclusive to the Victorian era. These books though sparse will be my entrée into the world of flower symbolism which travels back through the pathways of time and culture.

I am intrigued by what I will discover as I delve into this study and how that knowledge will also add to the depth and colour of my working process.

At the end of a day of painting my body is exhausted but my mind is still gripped by the need to create. It's easy to make a mistake in a painting when you are tired so Dusk & Decadence is my way of using the time I can no longer concentrate on my art practice to delve into the art of craft.

I have always enjoyed experimenting with fashion and have begun to transfer the detail and symbolism which I use in my art to make items which can add an air of whimsy to everyday life.

Bird of Paradise OOAK beaded cuff (Above)

The Garden of the Artist OOAK Beaded Cuff (Below)

Embellished Ralph Lauren Fair Isle vest and Trelise Cooper shirt with Divine Providence evening bag.


The Eternal Auction, Collage, 16.5 x  10.7 cm, 2016.

This year I have decided to be a part of ICE the International Collage Exhibition for 2016.

I’ve made 13 collages in a series entitled ‘The Obscured Image.’

One work 'The Wedding Portrait' will be offered for sale in an exhibition here in Taranaki, one will donated to the Verbeke Foundation in Belgium and the others will be swapped with other collage artists taking part in the exchange.

I have collaged over thirteen existing Victorian cabinet cards, burying the photograph of the sitter under an array of imagery. In these works I wish to discuss the separation between cherished personal objects and their owners as time pushes them further apart. I have displayed my own part in the process of ownership and loss by collaging images which show the workings of my own mind. Now I will let these precious objects pass from my hands and move forward on their journey.

The Wedding Portrait, Collage, 16.5 x  10.7 cm, 2016.

The Reigning Class, Collage, 16.5 x  10.7 cm, 2016.

The Past Whispers, Collage, 16.5 x  10.7 cm, 2016.

Lonely As A Cloud, Collage, 16.5 x  10.7 cm, 2016.
Dusk in Whitechapel, Collage, 16.5 x  10.7 cm, 2016.
The Butterfly Conundrum, Collage, 16.5 x  10.7 cm, 2016.
The Separation, Collage, 16.5 x  10.7 cm, 2016.

Raising Ancient Bones, Collage, 18.8 x  13.5 cm, 2016.
Stolen On The Wings Of A Dream, Collage, 16.5 x  10.7 cm, 2016.
Cabinet of Remembrance, Collage, 16.5 x  10.7 cm, 2016.

Before The Fall, Collage, 16.5 x  10.7 cm, 2016.

Baby John Remembers, Collage, 13.8 x  8.9 cm, 2016.