• Fern Petrie

18th International Collage Exhibition and Exchange

This year I have decided to be a part of ICE the International Collage Exhibition for 2016.

I’ve made 13 collages in a series entitled ‘The Obscured Image.’

One work 'The Wedding Portrait' will be offered for sale in an exhibition here in Taranaki, one will donated to the Verbeke Foundation in Belgium and the others will be swapped with other collage artists taking part in the exchange.

I have collaged over thirteen existing Victorian cabinet cards, burying the photograph of the sitter under an array of imagery. In these works I wish to discuss the separation between cherished personal objects and their owners as time pushes them further apart. I have displayed my own part in the process of ownership and loss by collaging images which show the workings of my own mind. Now I will let these precious objects pass from my hands and move forward on their journey.


© 2017 Fern Petrie.  Artworks are copyright and must not be reproduced without the artists written permission.