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The New Black

4th – 22th April, Artstation, Aucktand.

As a gothic artist I am often asked “What is Goth?”  This question is fraught with pitfalls as the interpretation of all the facets of Gothic culture; art, music, dress, literature and lifestyle vary so greatly from person to person. Also the expression of this culture differs to a great extent in each city it manifests itself.  A conference of Gothic Culture held at Massy University in 2002 revealed that Gothic culture is by nature a creative subculture fueled by an emotional response to a world which has become obsessed with overlooking the importance of the dark, tragic or chaotic side of the human psyche.  By embracing this side of ourselves in our everyday existence we find a way to express openly the beauty and darkness in each of our lives, allowing the exploration of concepts of identity centering on theatricality, sexuality and desire to become a mainstay of everyday life.

The question; “what is Goth?” becomes “what does Goth mean to you?”


To showcase this diversity more fully I have looked at the broad creative sphere within the Auckland Gothic community and chosen four artists whose perspectives on gothic culture are as diverse and intriguing as their personal approach to image making.


By showcasing these four artists I wish to show people that Goth is about creativity and is a pathway to the development and not destruction of personal identity. 

This exhibition is designed to reveal the impact that the Gothic subculture has had on four individuals and their artistic expression


As four gothic artists we can only strive to give a general impression of the gothic subculture in Auckland. 

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