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Art for Refuge

I am so glad that my painting 'The Poetry Lesson' has not only found a loving home but also raised much needed funds for such a worthy cause. I wish I could have been there on the night to say goodbye.

'The Poetry Lesson' Oil on Canvas, 152.5 x 122 cm, 2010.

This work ‘The Poetry Lesson’ is based on a Victorian photograph and represents the commonality of experience faced by each of us regardless of the time in which we live. Here a courting couple; two emotional souls share a moment of pure connection through their love of poetry. Encased in bronze chrysalis-like armour they exist in the clutches of metamorphosis. Their attire symbolises the gradual unfolding of trust and understanding between the two as they begin to read poetry that resonates between them. Each one seeks to protect themselves but cannot resist the beauty of the moment to open up their hearts to each other. Surrounding them stands a library; the timeless custodian of countless similar stories ready to embrace their tale of love, a tale which is yet to be written.

Fern Petrie, 2018

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