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2017 Taranaki Arts Trail Weekend

This year on the 10th & 11th of June over 70 artists around Taranaki, New Zealand opened their studios to visitors.

I love the idea of giving people interested in the artistic process access to the studio and insight into each artists individual process of creation. For me making work is a reflective and personal experience in which I have to reach a kind of meditative state. My studio is a very private space and needs to be so to ensure I continually perform up to my own expectations.

For a few days each year it’s a welcome change to open my doors and feel the energy and interest of art lovers who come from all over the country to discover how artists live and work in this region of New Zealand. This weekend around 200 people visited and I'd like to thank each of them for choosing my studio and sharing their thoughts on the progression of the work with me.

Fern Petrie's Taranaki Studio 2017

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