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Lighting A Fire For The Arts Trail

As a fundraising exercise the Taranaki Arts Trail have asked artists to take a matchbox and make something interesting out of it.

I love the idea of cabinets of curiosities and so I thought I would make two tiny objects which brought to mind mini steamer chests or a small reliquaries.

Bellini’s paintings adorn the front of this box and are taken from a book I found in Melbourne ten years ago. The mini medal has been in my possession for almost as long though its purpose and age are a mystery. Findings from America and Canada were used to embellish this curiosity and make it truly special. I hand stitched a tiny cushion out of the lining of a masonic collar and rolled up a Rebekah Lodge ribbon into a delightful satin scroll to add to this ensemble.

​I have always adored Victorian collections of butterflies and moths and these Taranaki specimens were found in my house. Their bed of sticks and dried ferns came from an abandoned nest in our driveway which was used as the design inspiration behind the 'Picaflor' cover design. The box itself is decorated with bamboo printing plates from which I lovingly took many intaglio prints.

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