• Fern Petrie

Taranaki Arts Trail Weekend 2015

Thank you to all the people who came to visit my studio last weekend. It was a real honour to be picked as a destination when there were so many studios to choose from.

We offered scones, cream and jam to our visitors and I opened the most finished room in the house, our bedroom to view as I like the idea of people seeing the different ways I express my artistic temperament and decorating is one of those.

The Taranaki Arts Trail has been a great experience for me. I've conquered my fear of radio interviews, met a lot of lovely Taranki artists had the pleasure of meeting some really wonderful people. I loved the enthusiasm of those visiting and the weekend was definitely an energizing experience. As I have just exhibited in Perth I had a lot of works which were just started so next year visitors will be able to see their progression as well as the development of the space itself.

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