• Fern Petrie

Taranaki Arts Trail

I'm looking forward to opening my studio to Taranaki Arts Trail goers on the 13th & 14th of June.

It’s my first arts trail so I’m not sure exactly what to expect but those interested in my work and practice will be able to see me at work in my new studio.

Recently I have taken over a large and beautiful room which may once have been a drawing room for the Victorian family who built this house. It has a wonderful varnished Rimu ceiling and a large bay window with stained glass but the cream walls aren't very inspiring and as I will be spending much of my time here I think its only right to make it my own.

Finding the right colour for my studio has been problematic. I've noticed the colours of the rooms I work in affect my moods and energy levels so it is essential to make the space work. I was inspired by a chinoiserie chamber at the top of St Michael's Mount which felt like walking into a fantasy. I hope my own version will be a calm but beautiful workspace for the next few years as I start on my new collection.

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