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Thoughts on Where the Lilies Blow

I am very grateful that Paula Silbert consented to open my exhibition ‘Gazing Where the Lilies Blow.’ She gave a stunning and heartfelt presentation of the work, talking fluidly about the influences and motivations behind many of the pieces.

The twenty four paintings which made up ‘Gazing Where the Lilies Blow’ looked incredible in the beautifully refurbished Edwardian space of Linton and Kay’s inner city gallery. I couldn’t think of a more fitting way to close the book on two years of solid work which saw their first inspiration to the completion of this collection. Many of these paintings will begin their journey into the world when the exhibition comes to a close on Sunday 22nd.

Looking around the space there is pride, joy, relief and sadness at the thought that these precious things I have loved are now moving away from my daily life to find their proper place in the world. There is always an air of sadness the last time I view a collection as a whole. The work means so much to me personally that I can’t help but be sad that they have gone. At times like this I always remember that the greatest joy for me is the moment when someone commits themselves to a work and is willing to make it a part of their life as I once did. I keep one work as a reminder of the beautiful and exhausting journey which these pieces took me on for the past two years.

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