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The Jehanne d’Arc Cycle

In My Father's Garden

Image copyright Fern Petrie 2017

Fern Petrie, In My Father's Garden, Oil on Canvas,  cm, 2017.

“I have often heard it said by old people that the fairies met there. My godmother even told me that she had seen fairies there…I never saw any fairies under the tree to my knowledge.” – Jehanne’s testimony at her trial.


The tree allusion also features in a prophecy; “There is a wood in Domremy, called the Polled Wood; you can see it from my father’s door, it is not a league away…when I was on my journey to my king, I was asked by some if there was not a wood in my country called the Polled Wood, for it had been prophesized that a maid would come from near that wood to do wonderful things. But I said I had no faith in that.” - Jehanne.


At her inquisition Jehanne mentions that from the boughs of this tree (known as the Ladies or Fairies Tree) the girls of Domremy fashioned garlands for the statue of the Blessed Virgin. Nearby there was also a well that was believed to possess healing properties.