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Within My Father's Garden

Within My Father's Garden.jpg

Image copyright Fern Petrie 2020

Archival Giclee Print, Domrémy & Reims Sizes - Editions of 20, 2020

This image is now available as a limited edition archival giclee print in two sizes.

Printed on 305 gsm acid free 100% cotton Juniper Baryta Rag 305.


Domrémy - image size; 41 x 30.7 cm, paper size; 61 x 50.7 cm - $330

Reims - image size; 54.7 x 41 cm, paper size; 74.7 x 61 cm - $380

The story of Jehanne d’Arc or as she preferred to be known; ‘Jehanne la Pucelle’ (Joan the maid) is so compelling that it has captured imaginations for almost six centuries. Her strength of character, heroic courage and connection to something greater are attributes which we can all admire; especially in one so young.


Jehanne had no expectation of becoming a pivotal figure in history or indeed ascending to sainthood. She was first visited by the Saints Michael, Catherine & Margaret while in her father’s garden in the village of Domrémy. They instructed her to live a pure life as she would soon drive out the English and crown the Dauphin.

When the teenage Jehanne raised the siege at Orléans she was instrumental in turning the tide of the Hundred Years War in France’s favour. A prophecy foretold that a maid would hail from Lorraine to save France. It was widely thought that she was indeed the maid France awaited. Thanks to her influence the Dauphin was crowned Charles VII at Reims.


This image symbolically re-tells Jehanne’s incredible journey from maid to saint through a series of representational elements woven around her person.


In this work Jehanne’s quest to crown the Dauphin is represented by the monarch butterfly. Lilies which signify faith and hope, as well as irises - the symbolic flower of France surround her. Positioned in a large niche representing the carved entranceway of Reims Cathedral sits a Globe de Mariée; a Victorian French wedding tradition. Within it are placed emblems of her life; the besieged town of Orléans and at its centre the Holy Ampoule used to anoint kings. From the vial blooms the crowned iris of France and over this presides the all-seeing eye; Jehanne’s belief in the omniscient wisdom of God. These images evoke the maid’s rejection of earthly passions and her symbolic wedding to the will of God. 


Jehanne is attired in a combination of armour and flowers; her chain mail is interwoven with daisies to reflect her youth and innocence intermingled within the complexities of war. The lily she holds is significant as it morphs into an arrow representing the wounds she suffered in battle and the strength she needed for her trials to come.


As the right arm of God her own arm is set with five crucifix windows. These symbolise the sword of Fierbois which was miraculously gifted to Jehanne by St Catherine and marked with five crosses.  Her left represents both Beaurevoir Castle where she jumped 21 m from a tower to escape her captors but to which she returned when commanded by her saints; and Rouen Castle where she was imprisoned during her trial. A parchment with her signature is wound around this arm like a bandage. The tear references the abjuration document which in a moment of mortal fear she signed to save her life, but true to herself and her visions she then tore up.


This work is dedicated to the memory of Jehanne la Pucelle and honours her great achievements and even greater sacrifice.



Available to collect from Whalers Gate, New Plymouth.


For safe postage all prints are sent rolled in a tube & protected by an archival plastic sleeve at no extra cost.

Free postage within New Zealand - (tracking & signature, next working day NZ Post target.)

Australia - $20 (tracking & signature, 2-6 working days NZ Post target.)

Everywhere Else - $30  (tracking & signature 2 – 6 working days NZ Post target.)

Overseas shipping price to be confirmed at time of purchase and may vary slightly with destination.

Customs & fees are the responsibility of the purchaser.

Targets from NZ Post will be slower due to Covid so please be patient.


Reproduced from the original painting:

‘Within My Father’s Garden’ Oil & Acrylic on Canvas, 120 x 90 cm, 2017. Private Collection.

Photographed and printed to order by Derek’s Darkroom, New Plymouth, NZ.

Colours may vary slightly when viewed on different monitors/devices.

The colours of the print itself are a true representation of the original painting.


If you are interested in adding one of these archival prints to your collection please email me at;">

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