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Prelude to a dream

Prelude To A Dream Oil on Canvas 152 x 9

Image copyright Fern Petrie 2020

Prelude To A Dream, Oil on Canvas, 152 x 91 cm, 2013.

All of us have rituals which we live by. Some are an intrinsic part of childhood, a short but important part of life on which we build our understanding of the world. In this work I wanted to capture the joy of the small but significant ritual of the bed time story and try to impart the feeling of security, happiness and wonder it brought me as a child. Dressing up like one’s favorite characters in a book is a special treat for any child and I have chosen to show these children in the moments before bed when the story has been mentioned but is yet to be read. Their anticipation at the story to come has become a palpable thing. Upon the book perches a brilliant blue butterfly, the symbol of the words about to take flight in their imaginations. Around them many other butterflies flutter. These represent the memories of other past stories, snippets of inspiration, moments of pure joy that remain from other evenings.

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