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Remembrances, Collections & Keepsakes

30th May – 7th June, Moores Building Gallery, Perth.

Remembrances, Collections and Keepsakes is the culmination of the past seven years of artistic development for New Zealand artist Fern Petrie. This is her first international exhibition and acts not only as a retrospective; showcasing examples of her changing style, but also provides a window into her recent artistic practice in a body of works created after her relocation to Perth in 2008.


For this retrospective Fern has revisited each of her five solo exhibitions and created new works which sit alongside their predecessors. These images explore previous ideas from a later viewpoint and speak of the way change and continuity can exist simultaneously in the work of one artist.


Most importantly, this exhibition highlights change. The stories of these works are not confined to the past or to one person alone, each holds the potential to become keepsakes and remembrances away from the artist and their retrospective context. They have the capacity to take on a life of their own and exist to help form new memories in others.

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