I have always held a fascination for taking found or discarded items and giving them a new life. Over the past ten years I have focused on Victorian photographs, basing my paintings on the commonalities and mysteries of these tiny anonymous images when reflecting our own age. The Victorian obsession with memory and mourning as well as gothic literature and the sugary sentimentality of these times has always intrigued me.


My images are not slavish reproductions of the original Daguerreotypes and Tintypes but form the basis of their own story as each image speaks to me. Symbolism, Surrealism and an interest in exquisite craftsmanship stem from my love of Renaissance and Surreal art. It also reflects a deep admiration for the Pre Raphaelite Brotherhood and the significance they placed on the precious nature of finely crafted Medieval artistry. Influenced by poetry, legend and myth I respect their interest in storytelling through symbolism and their personal connection to the past through their art.

                                                                                                                                            - Fern Petrie 2018 

Mark Lahood film for Art For Refuge 2020

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