Second Skin

16th – 20th March, Spiral Gallery, Auckland.

Doll, Feathers, Silver Leaf & Found Objects.
Doll, Gesso, Indian Ink.
Tattooed Skeleton
Resin Skeleton & Indian Ink.
Doll, Paper Mache, Coloured Pencil.
Doll, Gesso & Graphite.
The Collector
Doll, Spray paint, Wire, Found Objects.
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Throughout my time at Auckland University, I was intensely interested in taking found objects and making them relevant once again. After I left I was instinctively drawn to the boxes abandoned in my parents attic containing memories of a time when things were less complicated. I took on the task of re-evaluating my life through reworking my childhood toys. Over the ensuing months I constructed 40 works which expressed a desire to hold on to the simplicity of those times while lovingly bringing these old childhood friends with me into the next phase of my life. Now I collect other peoples dolls which were once intensely loved and then discarded and endeavor to transform them into something special and magical once again

© 2017 Fern Petrie.  Artworks are copyright and must not be reproduced without the artists written permission.

The Collector

Doll, Spray paint, Wire, Found Objects.